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We’ve all heard it before – “Social Media is great because it’s free”. But how “free” is social media after you factor in the time and resources you must put in to be successful? After you scour the web to discover and create the perfect content to engage your audience, schedule upcoming posts, manage any questions or comments left by users, and analyse how effective your efforts were, your time spent on social media adds up quickly. Do you want to see results from your social media marketing efforts but don’t have enough time to manage it all?

ITZD.mt can help!

Check out our various social media services below.


starting €400monthly *
  • One meeting per month so that I can shoot any images or films for content.
  • Make a monthly schedule with ideas for two posts every week.
  • Send them to client so they can evaluate them and double-check the phrasing.
  • Two posts per week.
  • Create designs & any edits required.
  • Any shoots of films and images by client can be sent to me so that I can edit them and utilise them for content.
  • Also recommended that the client upload at least three stories per day. (On weekdays, I can also upload stories on a daily basis with the content I already have in hand.)
  • Can also help with marketing ideas such as giveaways, influencer connections and more.

Additional Add-Ons

* Daily Stories at €150 extra per month.

* Enhanced Post Designs at €75 extra per month.

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