Our company has fully believed and worked with our clients, not just in marketing or advertising, but in building a strong brand for them. One that will stand above or within the top two brands within their industry. But, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to developing and maintaining a brand.

Brand is more than a logo or a statement. Branding Strategy Insider describes elements of a brand that people might be able to identify with your brand as: symbols, logo, colours, tagline, sound, character, celebrity, shapes, or tone-of-voice. All of these things are brand elements, which together create part of your brand.

Basically, the question you have to ask yourself is this: When someone wants or needs a product or service that you have or provide, are you in the Top Three that come to mind? When talking to a new client, this is one of the things that we ask.

Why is building a strong brand so important? For times like these. brands that have worked long and hard to find that during hard times such as these, their brand remains relevant in the market, but not without effort. String brands became strong through a great deal of effort and investment into consistent marketing efforts. That also means while many businesses have totally disappeared from the market place, you’ll see a subtle yet consistent effort to continue and maintain their marketing efforts.

Finally, after a few years in building a strong brand, business find that the investment percentage of gross revenues begins to go down. This happens because their consistency and well-planned efforts start providing a higher return. The value of that? During time such as these, strong, well branded company’s marketing budgets show a higher return for less money.

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