Of course, the answer to this will vary based on the business you own and operate. What many have done that have been forced to close, such as restaurants and performance venues, is to get a little creative to stay in touch with your audience. This could mean as a restaurant, you start offering curb service, online ordering, and pick-up. You could also try to encourage others through the gifts and talents you have available. Such as one of our performance venue clients that, using their social media, offered fun yet factual tips of ways to avoid getting sick, but in an encouraging way.

Finally, think about your employees and their families. For some clients, these individuals will be the hardest affected by this virus. Not necessarily by getting sick, but losing their income and not knowing what to do to provide for their families.

Develop contingency plans, information and options that should a complete close or shut down come, you can help those that have helped you over the years by keeping them employed and staying in touch with your customers; even if it is just an encouraging word.