Should I cancel all of my marketing?

Absolutely not! That is the worst thing you could do right now. Totally disappearing out of your customers eye sight is a short-term answer for a long-term problem. Find a way to stay in touch with them in the following ways: 1) Stay active on Social Media. Forget selling anything and focus on content that

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Stop Focusing on the Sale!

Instead, focus on the relationship. For many of us in business, we have been taught, and followed a path to increase our sales and revenue. So, the emphasis is on the new sale- the new customer. You see this in play every day.  Our favourite, that most of us can identify with us local cable.

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When Times Get Tough – Well Branded Companies Benefit!

Our company has fully believed and worked with our clients, not just in marketing or advertising, but in building a strong brand for them. One that will stand above or within the top two brands within their industry. But, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to developing and maintaining a brand. Brand

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Unlike any advertising agency, The is a brand-marketing firm whose approach is more like that of a fully-integrated marketing department. This means not only creating and developing marketing messages to be distributed among all selected media and managing those messages, but also making sure that the messages and promises can be delivered.


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